What are some good alternative amps?

Discussion in 'Target ball Sports' started by lowell, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. lowell

    lowell Guest

    Id like to know some good amps that can imitate my favorite artists, which include Guster, Jimmy Eat World, Coldplay, Green Day, and Bowling For Soup. I dont know if theres some nice jazzy amps for Guster and punk rock for Bowling for Soup and Green Day, but Id like to know some great amps for those bands.
  2. eoforwic9

    eoforwic9 Guest

    Hands down Line 6 amps man. They are so versatile. Perfect for what you are looking for. Even have a built in tuner.

    I can tune by ear. Maybe Troy wants a built in tuner.
  3. breasal69

    breasal69 Guest

    Built in tuners are for the newb, learn to tune your guitar yourself.

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