Manmohan tells media to promote objetivity

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    Asserting that freedom of the press was a must for the growth of Indian Democracy. Prime minister ManmohanSingh on monday asked media organisations to devise a mechanism to promote objectivityand curb sensationalism. He also called for self-regulation while dealing with the issue of paid news In Sings opinion there is a general consensus in our country that no outside control should be imposed on the media Urging the media organisations to give more coverage to issues and events that were 'really important' for the nation. After the independence a debate going on about the role of the media and the manner in which it functions He confidant that the indian media will itself deal with the ills like paid news successfully Media in India was "by and large independent and alive" Dr. Singh said new technologies had helped to expand the reach of both the print and the electronic media which was good for the growth of democracy" Prime Minister relesed a postage stamp in memory of Puran Chandra Gupta, founder of Dainik Jagran.

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