Im Turning 13 in April i need Birthday party ideas and theme

Discussion in 'Target ball Sports' started by bowen, Jan 2, 2010.

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    i live in ATL and it get Hot. in april just wondering if you have some birthday party ideas except for pool party. Im realy clueless right now so say what ya what to say.

    -Please and Thank you
  2. denten5

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    -Twilight theme
    -Karaoke party
    -Go paint balling
    -Go bowling
    -(For Girls) Have a slumber party!
    -I hope this helps!
  3. ulises

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    You could have a :
    .Beach party
    .Hawaii Theme
    .Mocktail (Mock of a cocktail) and maybe have this with a dancing party type
    . Dancing party, smoke machine, balloons, streamers, big stereo
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