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Discussion in 'Football' started by sportscrazy, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Hello Members,

    After months of development one of the most requested feature by the community is now live.

    The Fantasy Football Game is now open to members.

    The game is simple.Members can predict the outcome of matches and are awarded points according to the results.


    Points to win
    • Five Points for exact prediction of match result ( including score )
    • Two Points for predicting the winner and margin of victory (Winning team/Losing team & Goal Difference)
    • One Points for predicting the winner
    • Zero Points for predicting the wrongly
    Game Rules
    1. Predictions can be made on the days expect games-week
    2. Prediction starts 7 days earlier to match day.
    3. Only one prediction is allowed per match
    4. You can predict in as many matches as your like across various leagues.
    5. The points system is independent of the leagues.So we will have one winner for each league or tournament.
    6. The ranking list will be for points earned throughout the season.So earlier you start the game better are your chances of winning it.
    At the moment you can predict and win points for matches in
    More leagues and international tournaments will be added later on.

    So I hope everyone is happy and use this feature to the fullest.Please pass on your comments and suggestions to improve the game further.

    Thank You.
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