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    you all may wonder why am i discussing about tiger now .The magnificent big cats ,the pride of the nation which has it roaming on their land , the huge 300kilo beast which takes every heart when its on foot ,is sadly now on its extinction . what to worry in this you may feel ? But the nature and eco system needs a balance ,without predator the prey population will be on the increase and hence a ecosystem imbalance is created. forests need Tiger and Tigers need an undisturbed forest their territory .

    Tigers are always an animal of solitude, except when they are young as like every other mammals need the are of their mother. Mothers drive away their young ones after two years to help them make their living of their own. A Tiger's prey like red deer, elk, moose, cows and bulls,horses, zebras , sheep goats , cattle , giraffes rhinoceroses in its territory are killed when in need .It lead a majestic life in its territory which has become possible for the animal in present days .It is shocking to see that the Tigers are listed as critically endangered in the WWF and IUCN list.

    The possible reasons for the decrease in the number of the Tigers is 1.Poaching 2.Habitat loss 3.climate change 4.lack of political will to conserve 5.human settlements in forest 6.killing them for petty reasons 7.foodgathering and forest products gathering on a large scale 8.ecosystem imbalance [​IMG]

    Its high time that we start thinking about the fauna and in particular the Tigers .A strict administration,law and order system with political will to save the nature for the future generation can do wonders.The more important factor is the public pressure which can make the system work to conserve the invaluable treasure called forest and its dwellers .Lets join hands now to raise our voice for the voiceless creatures,being pushed to extinction for no fault of theirs .our voice can give a better tomorrow to our children and whatelse other than a greener, healthy world would our children need, as a gift from us
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