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    Earth is the only planet which has life as far as solar system is considered though the search for any alien living creature does exist. Earth could sustain life because of the optimal temperature and other conditions for living creatures to live.The situations are changing now,and the earth has started to pay back for what we have given her.we should stop hurting her or soon search for a fresh new planet .
    you may ask why ? The reason is the increasing temperature of the earth termed as global warming would have dreadful effects on us,flora and fauna. Global warming is the rise the temperature of the earth's atmosphere bringing a drastic change in the climate of the earth.Though the Global warming is attributed to many reasons the foremost one is the anthropogenic impact.The release of a large amount of Green house Gases which could retain the sun's re-radiation and hence the rise in the temperature. when the naturally occurring GHG were in balance , earth was happy but when it went out of balance the real problem started.All the Natural features including soil, the atmosphere, vegetation and wildlife , are affected by this rise in temperature.For example the rise in temperature will melt down the glaciers on the arctic and antartic circle leading to a rise in the world sea level submerging coastal lands... this is one such disaster of climate change and there are numerous to follow so what do we do to protect us and our planet ? The answer is simple reduce GHG , Reduce fossil fuels, Plant more trees , Afforestation , Stop Deforestation, Follow 3Rs reduce recycle reuse, reduce the use of energy at home, Use resources to the optimum level.

    we have already committed a big mistake because of our negligence of nature and earth so its high time that we think about saving our planet so let's do our part to perfection to reduce the accumulation of GHG , to save our only home as we have to remember that we have no other place to live ...
    NOT all fingers are of same LENGTH,
    but when they are BENT, all stand in EQUAL length.
    Similarly, LIFE becomes easier & stronger
    when we BEND & ADJUST to certain situations. and If its for saving our mother. our planet .why can't we do it ?
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