Can you interperet this dream?

Discussion in 'Target ball Sports' started by dominik90, Jan 2, 2010.

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    Last night, I had a dream. But it was weird.

    I dreamt I was swimming in a pool that was one of a few public pools Ive actually swam in before, and then, a kid drowned and died in it. The body was taken away or whatever, and details fixed, and then me and a group of girls I was swimming with were told to continue by our coach, who is actually played by an actress in a tv show, and we got back into what I thought was the same pool, but it wasnt.

    Then, I dreamt this person I knew was telling me that he was swimming in a lake, and that he found a kid dead in the water. He told me that the water suddenly drained away and he saw the kids head sticking out from the bottom of the lake, and that he tried to keep it above water and save the kid, but the water came back to a normal level.

    And, apparently, this was the kid that killed the first kid that drowned, and then he drowned, accidentally. We were walking in the forest/jungle and we walked past pipes with moss on them, and everything was kinda wet, or looked it at least.

    And while this unknown person-that-I-knew was telling me what happened, I found I had walked ahead, while he had hung back. Then, I looked around to find him, and we were in a prehistoric (triassic) period with the dinosaurs, and that he was one a t-rex I think.

    And then, I found myself in the hoot food line at the third public pool I swam at, standing next to my elder cousin. I said, I wont ask you if you are alright, I know your not, but are you... then he seemed to know what I appeared to be asking, and he said, Im ok. Then we hugged.
    Then I woke up to my alarm. Can someone tell me what this all means? its the longest dream Ive had in ages.
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    I think there are unhappy events in your life and you are told to ignore it, but it troubles you deeply

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